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(Pocket-lint) - LG has announced a new range of washing machines during its InnoFest 2014 event in Venice, featuring NFC for downloading extra programmes.

Washing machines might not be something we cover regularly on Pocket-lint but as they become smarter and offer more exciting features than just wash spins, we think it's worth taking a closer look.

The new LG washing machines look great, well as great as a washing machine can look, and feature a full touch panel with a white LED display, that offers a very streamlined look.

There are three series in the range, with series one sitting at the top and there are a number of technologies and features offered within them.

The most exciting one for us was the NFC connectivity that allows users to pair up their smartphones to subsequently download extra programmes to add to the ones that are already available on the machines.

Pocket-lintlg s new washing machines use nfc to offer more programmes via smartphone image 2

The programmes available to download include Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash. Once downloaded, you just have to tap your smartphone to the NFC Tag On symbol on the washing machine and it will be added to your appliance.

The NFC feature is also used for the company's Smart Diagnosis feature that helps you identify minor problems with your machine, before it becomes a bigger issue and you are left turning your socks inside out.

Additionally, the machines come with TurboWash that enables you to washuse the most commonly used wash cycles, including Cotton, Cotton Large, Mix and Easy Care in just 59 minutes.

That's pretty speedy in terms of washing machine cycles, and means that if you forget to wash your favourite jumper and need it for the evening, you will probably still be able to get it washed and dry in time.

The Series 1 machine also comes with the company's TrueSteam technology that is even handier for washing that jumper.

There are three features that come from the technology: Steam Refresh, Allergy Care and a new Steam Softener feature.

As the name suggests, the Steam Refresh feature uses steam rather than water to remove wrinkles and odours from delicate clothes in 20 minutes and Steam Softener injects steam into the washer's drum for 20 minutes after a cycle has finished, to smooth out clothes.

You might not think you care, but if it saves a pile of ironing, you might change your mind.

Of course, we couldn't test the functions during our short time with it, but the NFC feature is an interesting one, and it seems like a very useful one too.

Washing machines tend to come with a range of washing programmes that you perhaps only use a couple of, but considering how simple it is to get some more, maybe you'll be more inclined to test them out and look after your clothes that little bit better.

If nothing else, the new range is certainly good looking and techy enough for you to be proud to show off. Who would have thought a washing machine could be your next "gadget".

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The new LG washing machines should be available from end of May 2014.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.