LG has collaborated with fashion designer Holly Fulton to create a customisable washing machine, in celebration of London Fashion Week.

Perhaps slightly different from what we normally cover here, but we thought it was worth a mention as there are only 50 available and a customisable washing machine isn't something you see every day. Plus, it can link up with a smartphone whenever it needs some tender loving care.

The washing machine comes packed with features including the company’s Smart Diagnosis feature. This allows you to use the designated Smart Diagnosis app on your smartphone to help identify problems without having to call an LG representative.

The application will record and analyse a series of tones emitted by the machine to provide you with trouble-shooting steps to get the problem fixed.

The 11kg, six Motion washing machine features a Holly Fulton print and you can choose your own colour theme on the ao.com website.

While we managed to get hold of the recently announced LG G2 to take a look at website and colour choice, sadly the Holly Fulton print hasn't been transferred to other devices.

lg holly fulton customisable washing machine tells your smartphone when it s feeling poorly image 5

The Holly Fulton for LG (F1495D6HF) washing machine is available exclusively at ao.com and will cost you £829.00.