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(Pocket-lint) - Everything is getting smarter these days, and the new smart fridge from LG is the cleverest fridge we’ve ever seen, with a screen on the front and a smartphone app to back it up. As you might expect, there are the usual array of fridge features, and plenty of storage behind those double doors.

We’ve always loved the water cooling system on these American-style fridges, and the ability to have water provided either cold, or frozen in chunks or ground up, is a dream come true. The impressive air filtration is useful too, for keeping the food fresh. The fridge is able to monitor conditions dynamically and make changes on-the-fly to keep your food as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

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The freezer is massive and quite ingenious. There are three shelves, and a variety of places to keep other bits of food. Just pulling the draw open lets you see everything in the freezer, and that means there’s no more ferreting about to find something. That also helps in keeping the door open for as little time as possible.

The app looks great too. You can build a shopping list of foods you need and there are big lists of recipes, so you can knock up something tasty. It’s also possible to monitor the core features of the fridge. There’s even a section for taking and uploading photos to the screen, which is a very useful feature. Perhaps best of all though, is the ability to see your Google calendar on screen, giving the whole family a way to see what the other members are up to.

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The smart fridge costs about $3,500, which might put it a little out of our reach.

Writing by Ian Morris.