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(Pocket-lint) - The third product in the Lenovo Smart Clock line - after the original and then the simpler Essential model - adds a detachable wireless charging dock to the feature set.

It makes the 2021 Smart Clock a little more versatile as a bedside companion, without totally shifting what's so attractive about the product in the first place: its simplicity.

At its core the Smart Clock 2 is still a 4-inch screen with some basic access to your daily routines and Google Assistant voice control, plus music playback on the integrated speaker output.

This model enhances that concept with its charging dock, which is included in the box (note: not in all markets), that attaches to the main device via pogo pins. The dock, which sits underneath and to the side of the clock, integrates a nightlight and Qi wireless charging pad.

There's also a USB-A socket on the back of the charging dock itself - this has been removed from the standalone clock this time around - should you want to plug in anything else for wired charging.

As you can see from the pictures, the new Lenovo Smart Clock is a taller product overall, the dock making its footprint inevitably larger if you wish to use it.

But we're glad Lenovo has kept things relatively simple, avoiding adding in anything like a camera into the mix, while providing more physical space for the speakers - which, here's hoping, will be better performers for this updated model.

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The Lenovo Smart Clock will come in Shadow Black, Heather Grey and Abyss Blue colour options, arriving August 2021, with an European price of €89.99.

Writing by Mike Lowe.