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(Pocket-lint) - This must be a question that goes through everybody's minds at least once in their life: what's it like to be a robot vacuum cleaner?

iRobot Roombas and Samsung NaviBots have got it easy. Slowly meandering about the house while everybody is out, taking their time to do their basic chores. They don't ever wave down a number 17 bus only to find that the driver won't let you on because it's too full. Or have to queue behind a serial complainer at the supermarket, who insists on seeing the manager because bread has risen by 5p.

Nope, they come out of their little charging house and live a carefree life. Lucky blighters.

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Thankfully, now you can see for yourself exactly what it is like to be a Roomba, as Stolidus Simulations has released a fully fledged simulator taken from the perspective of a robot vacuum cleaner, cunningly titled Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013.

It had released a similar game last year, but that was top down. The latest is in glorious 3D.

There's a campaign mode, where you get to pick up bundles of dirt, and a duel mode, where you and a friend get to pick up bundles of dirt and, er, that's it.

It is free though and available for both PC and Mac. Just head to stolidus-simulations.com and you can be slowly shuffling around laminated flooring before you know it.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 12 July 2013.