(Pocket-lint) - The iRobo Looj will sweep your gutters clean of debris, and it’s heading for the UK soon. The robotic cleaner specialists have been selling this gutter cleaner in the US for a few months now, but having surveyed the gutters of the UK and Europe, the company has made some tweaks and got the little leaf cleaner set up for our homes.

The idea behind the Looj is that it saves you from the relative danger of shinning up a ladder and brushing leaves out for yourself. Of course, it can’t fly, so you do need to shin up a ladder to put it in the gutter in the first place. And, it will need help accessing the various gutters around your house, because it’s too big to get around the corners.


The Looj is remote controlled. So once you’ve popped it into your gutter, you need to control if from the top of your ladder, so it’s possibly not suitable for those who have any sort of vertigo. The Looj can operate in up to 8-inches of water, which means if your gutters are already full of rubbish, it should still be able to help.

The battery is lithium ion, and apparently it can clear around 200 feet per charge. As with most iRobot products, it’s also able to sense the amount and type of dirt, and adjust itself to get your gutters as clean as robotically possible.

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We’ve got a soft spot for home robots like these, so the Looj is an exciting concept for us. Plus, our gutters are filthy, so this is long overdue for our house. We’re looking forward to getting a review sample in the near future, until then, start dreaming of the day when there’s a home robot for every task in your house.

Writing by Ian Morris.