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(Pocket-lint) - iRobot has unveiled its cheapest robotic vacuum cleaner range in the shape of the Roomba 600 Series - which will still do all the hoovering without your having to lift a finger. 

An entry-level version of the 700 Series, the Roomba 600 is available from £299, however that hasn’t stopped iRobot from introducing some nifty new features not seen previously in its vacuum cleaners. 

Aerovac Technology ensures an optimised airflow, meaning the vacuum’s bin fills up evenly and therefore needs to be emptied less. The brush has been redesigned too, making it easier to remove hair and fur that the Roomba 600 picks up. Aesthetically, iRobot has also decorated the Roomba 600 with a bit more colour.

However, the real appeal of the Roomba 600 Series remains the robotic prowess. Multiple modes can be preset to ensure a polished cleaning service with the iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Tech, for example, ensuring every section of floor is cleaned multiple times.

Dirt Direct is a sensor that locates the dirtiest areas of a room before concentrating its efforts on said patch while a virtual wall can be determined ensuring the Roomba 600 Series won’t go into areas that are out of bounds. 

For Roomba 650 devices and above, preset-cleaning times (up to seven times a week) can be allocated and each time a Roomba 600 device has finished its chores it will automatically re-dock and recharge.

The iRobot Roomba 600 Series vacuum cleaning robots work on carpets, tiles and both laminated and wooden floors with pricing starting from £299. The range will be available from John Lewis, Harrods, other independent retailers and online at www.irobot.com/uk.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.