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(Pocket-lint) - Honeywell has used a crowd-funding site to introduce a smart home security system.

The company, which makes a range of products that can be found in more than 150 million homes and 10 million businesses, wants to give Nest Secure and Ring Protect a run for their money, so it's announced the Honeywell Smart Home Security System. Described as a self-installed, all-in-one security solution, it features a base station with an integrated 1080p camera that offers 145-degree viewing.

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The base station supports Amazon Alexa, serves up push notifications, and even does facial recognition. It can therefore identify you and your family, as well as alert you when, say, your child has arrived home safely from school. And you can control Honeywell's entire system by voice, via Alexa, thanks to the base station's "high-quality" speaker and mic. The base station also works with sensors.

The Honeywell Smart Home Security System features indoor and outdoor sensors and motion viewers that can alert you if your doors or windows are opened. The base station and these additional devices can be adjusted using a schedule, location-based geofencing, or customisable event and scene triggers, Honeywell said. Meanwhile, all audio and video-monitoring is done through the system's app.

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At launch, the system is expected to cost around $499, making it comparable to Nest Secure. It will come with 24 hours of back-up cloud storage, which will be expanded to three days at some point after. Also coming in 2018, "audio analytics updates", which Honeywell said will enable the system to know the difference between an alert from your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, your dog barking, etc.

Strangely, Honeywell has chosen to seek help from the community. Although the system already appears to be well-thought out, designed, and developed, Honeywell has taken to Indiegogo in order to raise funds from backers. However, Honeywell is only seeking $50,000, so clearly this is more about garnering interest. If you grab it now, you can save 38 per cent on the base station.

Exclusive pre-order offers for the system will be available at a discounted price to backers on Indiegogo through 16 December.


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