(Pocket-lint) - Honeywell has launched the Lyric T6, the latest in its range of connected thermostats, joining the evohome and and Single Zone. The new model has Apple HomeKit integration meaning you can control it using your voice and Siri, or through Apple’s Home app.

It also packs in geofencing technology, so it can detect when you’ve left the house or are on your way home, based on the location of your smartphone. When the last person leaves for the day, the Lyric T6 will automatically switch to an energy saving mode and then kick into action when it detects you’re within a predetermined radius.

If you know you’re going to be in and out the house a lot and don’t want your boiler to be constantly stopping and starting, you can set seven day or daily schedules.

You can also control the T6 when you're out and about and even on holiday via Honeywell's Lyric app. As long as you've got an internet connection, you can control the temperature of your home to help save money on energy costs.

Because the Lyric T6 supports Apple HomeKit, it can be included in any of your ‘scenes’, so can, for example, come on the same time as some connected lights and a coffee machine when you get home so you can sit down and relax.

It can also let you know if the temperature inside your home becomes extremely hot or cold and even learn heating cycles to automatically adjust the temperature without you having to worry.

The Honeywell Lyric T6 is available now in two variants: the T6 has to be fixed to a wall while the T6R is a wireless version and can be placed anywhere around the home. Both are available online or through plumbing and heating installers.

Writing by Max Langridge.