A smarthome can be made up of all sorts of wonderful gadgets, from smartphone controlled heating and lighting, to cameras, colourful garden lights, robot hoovers and clever washing machines.

There aren't just wonderful products out there for the smarthome though, there are also some weird ones that are just as exciting as getting a notification on your smartphone that your washing has finished - if not more so! Here are five smarthome gadgets we have found that you didn't know you needed.


The Petcube is the smarthome gadget for those that have a furry friend at home. The idea is to keep you connected to your pets when you aren't at home by watching them, talking to them and even giving them something to play with.

Petcube has a 138-degree camera capable of 720p video, a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as a 5mW 3R class laser. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and the iOS or Android app allows you to watch, talk and play from anywhere.

PRICE: $199 from Petcube.

Quirky Egg Minder

The Quirky Egg Minder is well, a smart egg minder because it isn't just pets that need a smarthome gadget! The Egg Minder is a Wi-Fi connected egg tray that's sole purpose is to tell you how many eggs you have left in your fridge and which of the 14 in the tray is the oldest.

It connects to your smartphone and LED lights on the tray will show you which eggs are going bad so you know which ones to get boiling, while push notifications will alert you when you are running low. How egg-straordinary.

PRICE: $49.99 from Amazon.

Sengled Snap

If you thought smart lighting was just about turning your lights on and off from your smartphone, then think again. Sengled has redefined what the term smart lighting means with the Snap bulb offering a built-in camera, the Pulse bulb featuring a built-in speaker and the Boost bulb doubling up as a Wi-Fi extender.

The Sengled Snap lightbulb features a camera capable of 1080p video recording with real-time playback through your smartphone. The Snap has voice and action recognition and it is said to be nice and easy to install. It isn't available just yet but the Pulse and Boost bulbs are.

PRICE: TBC from Sengled.

Quirky Porkfolio

Quirky seems to be the company that makes everything you couldn't imagine to be smart, smart - like your piggy bank. Yes seriously, the Porkfolio is a smart piggy bank and it wirelessly links to your smartphone via the Wink app.

Using the app, you can track the balance of your Porkfolio piggy bank, as well as set financial goals. You'll need to be in the US or have a collection of US coins to be able to fill it with in order to experience its nose light up and it can hold up to $100 in quarters.

PRICE: $79.99 from Amazon.


CleverPet is another one for those with pets, but this time it is aimed at dogs and rather than watch them, it gives them a game to play while you are out. It's a funded Kickstarter project so it isn't available just yet but it should be coming out soon.

The idea of CleverPet is to automatically entertain and educate your dog, even when you aren't at home. It offers automatic feeding, interaction that adjusts and can be updated, a speaker to play your voice and a microphone to listen for barking. There are also touchpads at the front that light up.