Home automation gadgets have really taken off in the last couple of years, with plenty of devices already available to turn your house into a smart one. 

It's a hot topic at the moment with lots of companies hopping on the smarthome bandwagon and products launching left, right and centre. From heating and lighting to security and washing, the options are already plentiful but there are also many waiting in the wings.

We have rounded up eight smarthome gadgets we are looking forward to appearing. All of them should be available by the middle of 2016 if not before, so keep your eyes peeled if you want one of these in your home.

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Smarter Coffee

Smarter is the company responsible for the iKettle, which is a Wi-Fi enabled kettle that is controlled via an iOS or Android app. Smarter Coffee is the next product in the company's line up and as you might expect, it gives coffee machine control using a smartphone or tablet.

Smarter Coffee will grind and brew fresh coffee beans automatically and you can brew a single cup or 12 at once when you use the Smart Carafe, included with the device. You'll be able to adjust the strength of the coffee to suit your own tastes and Smarter Coffee is available to pre-order now from Firebox for £179.99, with delivery expected September 2015.

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June is the result of two former Apple engineers who love to cook coming together. Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogal have dreamed up this smart oven, which features the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, a 5-inch touchscreen, Full HD camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a built-in digital scale.

It has been engineered for precision heating, continually calculating the power needed to maintain a constant temperature. June relies on a core temperature probe in order to determine the moment your food is cooked and you'll be able to see how your food looks in real-time on the app thanks to the camera. It can be pre-ordered until 10 July for $1495, which is 50 per cent off the expected retail price.

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Ikawa Home Roaster

The Ikawa Home Roaster is a coffee roasting machine that connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to offer you precise control over roasting your beans. The app features several elements including controlling the temperature profile of the roaster, tracking the actual temperature and allowing you to choose the appropriate programme for different varieties of beans.

The Ikawa Home Roaster has had input from Dyson when it comes to its design so you'll see good use of the cyclone technology and while your beans are being roasted and then cooled, you'll be able to track the progress on the app so you'll know exactly when your beans are ready. The Ikawa Home Roaster is available to pre-order for £600, with delivery expected in February 2016.

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GE LED Lightbulbs

There are already several options available if you want smart lighting in your home but GE is in the process of developing colour-changing LED lightbulbs that will include the company's Align technology and be compatible with Apple's HomeKit.

The Align technology is designed to improve sleep patterns by controlling blue light output at certain times, while the HomeKit compatibility means you'll be able to control the lights with your iOS device and your voice using Siri. The GE LED Lightbulbs should be available later in 2015.

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Haier Dual Drum

Haier's Dual Drum washing machine is a machine that comes with plenty of appeal and although it is slightly taller than a typical appliance, it brings convenience that should give it pride of place in any utility room when it becomes available. 

There are two drums - a 3kg and a 7kg - allowing you to run two wash cycles simultaneously. But along with making the chore of washing that little bit easier, the Haier Dual Drum also offers smart controls, meaning you'll be alerted on your phone or tablet when the cycle is finished. No availability details have been released just yet but it will be on show at IFA 2015 in Berlin so more should be revealed in September.

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Grundig VUX

Grundig VUX is a smart control interface that uses light projection over traditional buttons to make a connected kitchen even smarter. The projected interface displays the controls of all your appliances onto your worktop in the same projected display panel, removing the need for buttons on your dishwasher, induction hob or extractor for example.

The system can change to accommodate what you have in your home and when you aren't using one set of controls, they can be minimised. VUX offers sensible things like child locks and the option to change the brightness and so on, but it will also project timers for your cooking or give you a countdown for the dishwasher cycle. The Grundig VUX system is still in development, with the company targeting Q2 2016 for it to be available for installation in customer's homes.

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Hoover Wizard

Hoover is a company perhaps better known for its vacuum cleaners, but it also makes kitchen appliances and its latest range can all be controlled from your smartphone or your PC. Hoover Wizard is a collection of appliances including an oven, hob, hood, fridge-freezer, washing machine and dishwasher - all of which are Wi-Fi enabled.

The Hoover Wizard range will work with Android 4.0 and newer, iOS 7 and newer plus Windows PCs via its multi-platform app. Users can monitor energy consumption, access favourite programmes, receive alert messages and check appliance status. Hoover has said it would be available in "early summer".

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Meld is an intelligent temperature sensor and automatic knob adjuster in combination with an app that makes the bold promise of creating the perfect meal each time you use your hob. It replaces a current hob knob and uses batteries and a motor to allow it to adjust temperature remotely.

Meld works in conjunction with a temperature Clip that sits in the pot you're cooking and measures heat within a degree of accuracy. An iOS and Android friendly app has pre-loaded dishes and you can adjust the temperature manually using the knob, or remotely using the app. The Meld Knob and Clip can be bought for $129 on Kickstarter now or for $150 when it launches, with shipping expected to begin in October 2015.