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(Pocket-lint) - A smart home can be made up of all sorts of gadgets and systems from smart cameras, to smart heating and lighting. Whether you have just one smart light bulb, or ten security cameras, you've invested money in your home so you probably want to protect it.

Even if you haven't stepped on aboard the smarthome train yet, a home is precious and it's something that contains all sorts of valuable items, whether cash-rich or sentimental. That's why we have decided to let you know about five smart security systems available, or coming soon, that will make sure you know if there is a threat to your clever or perhaps not so clever home and deter those unwanted visitors.


iSmartAlarm is a system made up of several devices including the CubeOne, which is the brain of the system, with the iCamera, motion sensor, remote tag, iCamera KEEP, smart switch and contact sensor all available to connect to it.

The idea is that you are able to expand your system as much or as little as you want to by choosing which devices suit your home.

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The CubeOne features a built-in 110-decibel siren and it requires a connection to a wall outlet and your internet router. You can then connect any of the listed devices above to it, all of which have their uses when it comes to protecting your home.

PRICE: $199 from iSmartAlarm for CubeOne, two door/window sensors, one motion sensor, two remote tags and iSmartAlarm stickers.

Piper nv

The Piper nv is primarily a smart home camera with night vision, which is why it also exists in our smart home camera round up, but it does offer security features that others in its field do not.

The Piper nv is equipped with an intruder deterrent 105-decibel siren that will sound when a security mode is breached and there are three security modes available to fully customise.

You can set up door and window sensors that will link to your Piper nv, along with a number of other Z-Wave accessories so you can control lighting and appliances through the Piper app too. Plus, one of the best things about Piper is that it constantly records so rather than showing you when someone has entered your home, it will show you them walking up the path for example.

PRICE: $279 from Piper.


Like Piper, Canary is a smart home camera that has the added function of a siren to scare off any unwanted visitors. It detects motion, humidity, air quality, temperature and audio, while also offering night vision so it's quite similar to Piper.

Where it differs, is that Canary has algorithm-based motion detection which learns over time in order to send you smarter notifications. When something unusual is detected, you'll receive a HD clip and the option to watch live.

Depending on what the unusal activity is, Canary then offers you the option of contacting the authorities, calling a neighbour, sounding the siren or ignoring the notification. Canary is available in black, white and silver.

PRICE: $249 from Canary.  

Myfox Smart Home Alarm System

The Myfox Smart Home Alarm System is a little different to other smart security systems as it claims to be able to detect a break in before the break in actually happens.

An IntelliTAG sensor, which you place above your door can tell the difference between normal events and potential threats, triggering an alert to your smartphone at the first sign of an attempted entry.

Like iSmartAlarm, there are several devices available for the Myfox system including the home alarm, IntelliTAG, key fob, security camera and wall mount for the camera. Additionally, this system is compatible with IFTTT, HomeKit and Works with Nest.

PRICE: Available to pre-order from Myfox. The Home Alarm will set you back $279, while the IntelliTAG costs $49.99, they Key Fob $29.99, the Security Camera $199 and the wall mount $29.99.


Honeywell is a company that offers all kinds of smart home devices and systems and while it is perhaps better known for its multi-zone smart heating system, Evohome, it also offers smart security systems among other exciting features.

The Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services app allows you to stay in the know wherever you go with real-time alerts, GPS vehicle and asset tracking, video viewing and mobile control.

You'll also be able to control any Z-Wave enabled lights, thermostats and locks that you have within your home from the app, as well as arm, disarm and check the status of your security system.

PRICE: Device dependant, you can find more information here.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.