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(Pocket-lint) - IFTTT is a service you may have heard us talk about in the past when it comes to smarthome. It's based on the statement: If This Then That, and it doesn't get anywhere near the amount of credit it deserves. This service has the ability to tie everything together, from your email or the weather to your heating or lighting and ultimately, it has the potential to make your smarthome life much easier by automating things.

There are a couple of heating systems that are compatible with IFTTT, including Honeywell's Single Zone Thermostat, Honeywell's Evohome and Google's Nest. We have rounded up some of the most useful recipes we have found for making heating control simpler. Smart heating isn't just about smartphone access or remote control, with IFTTT you can link it to all sorts of factors and create situations that suit you and your life.

Here are 11 useful IFTTT heating recipes, but if there is one you use on a regular basis then make sure you let us know in the comments.

1. Sun's Out, Heating Off

This recipe links to Honeywell's Evohome and therefore means you need this smart heating system for this recipe to work. If you enter the summer or a sunny period, the weather app on your smartphone will detect this and automatically trigger your Evohome to select heating off.

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2. If You Exit An Area, Then Turn Your Heating Off

This recipe was created by Honeywell itself and again links to its Evohome system. In this case, the trigger is location which is determined by your Android smartphone. If you leave an area, such as your house for example, your heating will turn off automatically.

3. Switch The Heating On When You Are Nearly Home

Another Honeywell Evohome recipe that links the company's system with your Android smartphone location. It does the opposite of the one above however, by switching your heating on when you are nearly home, making sure your house is nice and toasty for when you get in.

4. Shut Down The Heating If Your Parrot Plant Gets Hot

For those that like a good old house plant but find them dying every couple of months, this recipe could be a great help. You'll need the Parrot plant monitor that lets you know when your plants need water and this recipe in particular is linked to ThermoSmart. It will pause the ThermoSmart when your Parrot plant gets to hot, which should in theory save your plants from dehydration. You will still need to water them though.

5. Turn Off Boiler If CO Emergency

Linking the Nest Protect to Honeywell's Evohome, this recipe requires you to place the Nest Protect near to the CH Boiler. If it detects carbon monoxide, a command will be sent to your Evohome system to turn the boiler off. A simple solution but it could be a life saver.

6. Work From Home Mode

Some of us are lucky enough to work from home from time to time, but if you have you heating scheduled to turn on and off at the same times during the week, you might find yourself in a slightly chilly house during the middle of the day. Of course with smart heating systems, it's easy enough to just flick the heating on but this IFTTT recipe means it will be done automatically. If you set up a "work from home" event in Google Calendar, a custom schedule heating will be enabled on Honeywell's Evohome.

7. Set Zone to 30°C

This recipe allows you to use email to control your Honeywell Evohome heating system. While this particular recipe sets a zone within your system to 30°C for one hour, you should be able to select a different temperature by creating your own recipe with the same trigger and result.

8. If Current Temperature Rises Above 21°C

Some days are hotter than we expect, or than what has been forecast. For these days where we get a nice little sunny surprise, this recipe will come in very handy. If the temperature rises above 21°C, a quick action will be enabled on your Honeywell Evohome to take into account the change in weather and make sure you're not in a sweat box when you get home.

9. If New SMS Sent Matches Disable, Then Disable A Quick Action

The title of this recipe pretty much speaks for itself. If you send a text message from your smartphone that says "Disable", a quick action will be disabled from your Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat. 

10. Put House in Economy Mode During Hot Days

Summer is on its way, hopefully, and this recipe is great for reducing heating requirements during the summer months. It links to Honeywell's Evohome system and it when it is hot, it will switch your heating into Ecomony mode. The heating will still kick in if the house is cold during cold mornings however.

11. Everyday At 10:00PM, Set Nest Temperature To 76F

This recipe is for those with a Nest Thermostat and it allows you to set the temperature you want it to be from 10pm. This is something you can do within the Nest app too, but if you like creating recipes, this is another one that's useful. You can of course create your own and change the time and temperature to suit you.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.