Honeywell is showing off a new Lyric-branded product at CES 2015, with the goal of helping you remotely control your home and its security.

The new product is what Honeywell described as a "professional-grade home security system," because it features cameras, a touchscreen controller, support for voice commands, and motion, smoke, and intruder detectors.

While using the Lyric home security system, you can arm or disarm it simply by saying: “Hello Lyric...I’m home” or "I'm leaving", depending on the presets you have defined. You could also switch on lights with voice commands, as well as adjust the temperature, etc.

The system will of course also integrate with other home automation products such as thermostats, lighting, shades, and lock controls.

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The idea is that Honeywell wants you to automate your home with its Lyric lineup, which kicked off in 2014 with the Lyric thermostat. The Lyric thermostat works with your smartphone and can determine your location in order to adjust your home temperature ahead of time.

And now with the Lyric home security system, you can control not only the climate of your house but also its safety level using Honeywell products. There's no word yet on pricing or availability, but stay tuned, as more details might surface as CES 2015 comes to an end.