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(Pocket-lint) - Honeywell has teamed up with internet of things site If This Then That to offer access to the company's connected thermostats in its Evohome range.

The new options, which go live today, will allow ifttt users the chance to set up a number of sequenced events based on certain actions.

The service, which has huge support in the tinker community will be available to everyone with an Evohome heating system including the new single home system launched by Honeywell at the start of October.

IFTTT is a Cloud based service, which allows users to interact with the 134 Channels to create recipes such as getting your lights to change colour when it rains to automatically saving Instagram images to a Dropbox folder based on the rules you set.

Pocket-linthoneywell evohome adds ifttt support now you can control your heating via an email image 2

With Honeywell that means being able to set rules for when you leave a certain postcode or based on the weather forecast. You could even set it to turn the heating on when you favourite football team scores a goal although we aren't sure why you would want to go that far.

"IF the temperature outside rises above 25 degrees, THEN turn off your heating. IF it starts snowing THEN set your bedroom to 22 degrees. IF my calendar says I am on holiday, THEN set your evohome to turn off the heating," explains the company on the partnership," suggests the company. 

“We are really excited to expand the level of control that users can have with our smart thermostat by making evohome even more connected - and this is just the beginning," says Jeremy Peterson, general manager of Honeywell’s EMEA Home Comfort & Energy Systems division. "Over time IFTTT support will enable us to have even deeper integration, and use evohome as the trigger for other channels. For instance, users will be able to dictate: ‘IF evohome says that it is above 22 degrees Celsius in the nursery, THEN send me a text message.'"

Writing by Stuart Miles.