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(Pocket-lint) - One of the main functions of the Apple Watch third-party developers will be looking to exploit is its ability to control and interact with smart appliances and smarthome technology.

Honeywell is certainly one of those already working with Apple to utilise the fact that the device will be on owners' wrists, and is therefore developing a version of its Lyric application to control its smart thermostat system.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, the company told us that an invisible geofence could be built that would react differently when the smartwatch is within its boundaries.

"Honeywell's Lyric on Apple Watch revolutionises home comfort and savings with innovative temperature adjustments, geofencing control, out of town settings and extreme temperature warnings, all right from your wrist," it said. "One example we are excited about is when you leave your assigned geofence, a notification will appear alerting you to an option to set your house to 'Out of Town' mode with a simple tap."

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This could replace a smartphone as the primary control method even, specifically when the wearer has left the house.

"You can also get a real-time snapshot of your home system in Glances," the company added. "The Apple Watch revolutionary user interface and intuitive controls allow us to deliver a whole new level of personalisation and convenience, giving customers peace of mind when they are away and the ability to take action when needed."

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Honeywell's Lyric system is due for release in EMEA (including UK) sometime in 2015. The smartwatch itself will make it to the market in the early part of 2015, Apple revealed during its iPhone 6/Watch press event.

Writing by Rik Henderson.