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(Pocket-lint) - As Summer comes around, you’re probably dreaming of your next tropical vacation. Perhaps you’re already looking forward to sunning yourself under the tropical sun in an exotic beach destination. Summer holidays are essential for internal rejuvenation. They allow you to shed your stressors, relax under the sun, and prepare yourself for the second half of the year. But you can only relax if you know your home is safe from intruders and burglars.

Most homeowners have a constant nagging fear of intruders on holidays. But what if you could keep tabs on your home from halfway across the globe?

Swann Security is one of the world’s leading home security systems, allowing you to monitor your home remotely. You can equip your home with smart security cameras, video doorbells, WiFi alerts, and window/ door alerts. If someone breaks into your home or leaks are detected, you will instantly receive notifications on your phone. You can now keep an eye on your home while sunning yourself this summer!


Here's how you can enjoy peace from the beach with Swann Security.

Keep tabs on your home while working on your tan

Swann Security devices are connected to the Swann Security App, which truly puts “security in the palm of your hands,” as the app’s tagline reads. All of Swann’s wired security systems, including the video cameras, video doorbells, smart alerts, motion sensors, window/ door sensors, leak alerts, and the DVR and NVR series, are compatible with the intuitive Swann Security App, available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

If you have Swann security cameras and video doorbells, you can comfortably view the footage in your smartphone app. This allows you to keep an eye on every corner of your home with an installed camera, so you always know what’s happening. And you don’t even have to physically access the camera all the time. You can configure your video cameras to send notifications whenever their inbuilt heat and motion sensors are triggered.

In addition to accessing live footage, the Swann Security App allows you to interact with your home. You can access the inbuilt 2-way microphones in your devices to communicate with people in your home, such as your pets, children, or even intruders. And if you see something you don’t like, such as a potential leakage or intruders, you can trigger the alert to generate a loud siren sound that would draw your neighbours’ attention.

Swann Security App allows you to keep tabs on your home while working on your tan.

Receive notifications when someone tries breaking into your home - motion alerts, heat and motion sensors, and window/ door alerts

Swann Xtreem is one of the most powerful smart video cameras for your home security. You can install the Xtreem video camera at all the points of entry in your home, such as overlooking your front door, patio, garden, and back door. Swann Xtreem features sophisticated features, such as True Detect heat and motion sensing, which allows it to provide reliable motion alerts when humans are detected. Unlike most mainstream motion sensors, Xtreem combines motion detection features with heat signature detection, which eliminates false alarms.

Besides Swann Xtreem, you can also receive timely notifications on your smartphone app when other alerts are triggered. Swann’s collection of WiFi alert sensors includes window/door alert sensors, motion alert sensors, and leak alert sensors. The motion alerts detect unwanted movements in your home, the window/door sensors get triggered when someone opens or closes your windows and doors, and the leak alerts get triggered when leaks are detected. These sophisticated alerts and sensors can send intelligent notifications when triggered.

Swann Security provides timely notifications that allow you to protect your home.

Keep an eye on your doors with a video doorbell

The front door is the most common point of entry. You can install the SwannBuddy Video Doorbell to keep an eye on your front door, ensuring you are notified whenever someone enters the vicinity of your home. When someone comes close to your home, the video doorbell will instantly send a notification, even if you’re halfway across the world. Once you access the live footage, you can trigger the microphone to communicate with the visitor.

SwannBuddy features a powerful 1080p camera with a vertical lens that lets you see the visitor’s entire profile. If a delivery agent has approached your door, you can easily see the package they place on the ground. You can also use the microphone button to communicate with the delivery agent and provide instructions for the package. If you notice an intruder, you can use the microphone to warn them away. And if that doesn’t work, you can trigger a loud siren sound throughout your home.

Swann Security is an extremely comprehensive home security system that allows you to keep an eye on your home at all times, even when sunning your buns on the beach. You can finally go on vacation without worrying about your home being burgled!


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