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(Pocket-lint) - Hive has sent emails to its customers announcing that the company is going to be winding down support for some of its smart home products.

Hive started out with its smart thermostat. Looking to rival the likes of Nest, it offered an easy solution, popular because it was part of British Gas. The range expanded to include other sensors, before the company ventured into smart home products.

The plan was to offer one app to control the Hive system, covering your heating, lights and home security. It was a system designed to be held together by the Hive Hub 360, which could also alert you to breaking glass, fire alarms and dogs barking.

Hive is saying that to pursue Net Zero and make homes more energy-efficient, it's going to be withdrawing support for a range of features. The first thing to go looks like it is sound detection on the Hive Hub 360, which will cease on 31 December 2022.

Beyond that, the company is also ending support for its cameras and leak detection products. The Hive View indoor and outdoor cameras will cease to be supported on 1 August 2025.

The first-gen indoor camera will stop being supported from 1 August 2023.

HomeShield will only be supported until 1 August 2025 and the Leak Sensor will only be supported until 1 September 2023.

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You can find out more information on Hive's FAQ about the change of direction, with the company saying that it's going to be developing smart tech to make homes more energy-efficient and cheaper to run.

Maybe it's time to jump ship and invest in Ring or Nest instead.

Writing by Chris Hall.