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(Pocket-lint) - Hive, from British Gas, has introduced a smart thermostat called Hive Mini Thermostat.

Pitched as a cheaper alternative to the Hive Thermostat, the Hive Mini will cost just £119. It features geolocation technology, so it can tell whether you've left the heating on when you're out of the house and will notify you to shut it off, potentially helping you conserve energy and save money. 

You can set up and control the Hive Mini with the Hive app, using it to do things such as create schedules and input target temperatures and toggle between heating and hot water modes. There is even a Frost Protection mode that turns the heating on when the temperature dips below a certain threshold so the pipes in your home don't freeze and burst.

The Hive app also lets you connect other Hive devices to Hive Mini.

The Hive Mini pairs with the Hive Contact Sensor, for instance, which can turn off your heating when you close the front door. The idea is, with Hive Mini, you can start to better understand your electricity usage. If you decide to get the Hive subscription service, which costs £3.99 a month, you can further access an integrated budget tracker and a heating efficiency monitor

And, yes, you can even control your Hive Mini with Google Assistant or Alexa.

If any of this interests you, Hive said you can register here to be notified about when the Hive Mini Thermostat goes on sale in early 2022.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.