(Pocket-lint) - Centrica, the company behind British Gas and the smart home heating system Hive, has released an update for the Hive View indoor camera that now allows you to download any video clips you wish to your phone. It fixes what we considered to be its biggest flaw when testing it, and now makes it an even more compelling option for protecting your home. 

Previously, any video clips the Hive View camera saved were only stored for 24 hours, although you could (and still can) extend this to 30 days worth of rolling video stored online by paying a £4.99 subscription. Now though, you are able to download any clips you want - whether they be funny moments or more scary moments that you need to show police - completely free of charge. 

The download feature will become available when you download the latest version of the Hive app, and you will given a prompt to do so next time you open it. Video clips will only be stored within the Hive app, but you can share them across various social channels, email and instant messenger. 

Writing by Max Langridge.