(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking for a home security solution but are unsure about the enormous cost of major installed systems, Hive has one idea it'd like to put your way.

Hive Home Check from Centrica Connected Home is designed to give peace of mind to those going on holiday or even just while they are out for the day or at work. It is an all-in-one collection of Hive smart products that work together to provide you data on your empty house or flat while you are out. And help deter intruders.

It comprises a Hive Camera, Motion Sensor, two Contact Sensors and two Hive Active Light Cool to Warm White bulbs.

They all link to a Hive Hub and can be therefore controlled both at home through an iOS or Android application or when you are out. They can be set to provide you with SMS notifications should they catch any movement on camera or elsewhere in the home, where the sensors are placed.

The Hive Camera will also livestream HD video (with night vision) to your mobile device and has a two-way microphone. You can even set an alarm off or the sound of a dog barking through the cam.

Upcoming new features will also include a mimic mode, which will ensure the two included smart light bulbs ape normal use as if you are at home, rather than operate on just set times.

Where Hive Home Check differs from most smart security solutions is that you can spread the cost monthly.

Those without a Hive Hub in the home already will pay £24.99 a month for the first 12 months, then £4.99 a month after, on a rolling monthly contract. This is a continued service fee.

Existing Hive Hub owners need pay £21.99 a month for the first year, then the rolling service fee thereafter.

Writing by Rik Henderson.