(Pocket-lint) - Hive has announced the Hive Camera, adding video to its smart home system, but there's more to come in 2017. 

The company has confirmed that it will be launching the Hive Leak Sensor and the Hive Active Hub to expand the offering of the growing system.

Initially launching with a smart thermostat and heating controls, the Hive system now encompasses motion and door sensors, lights and the new camera, giving a whole range of home monitoring and automation options.

The Hive Leak Detector follows the likes of Honeywell and Grohe, aiming to help you catch water leaks. The Leak Detector monitors the water flow coming into your home, so if the taps are all off and the water is still flowing, you know there's a problem.

The Hive Active Hub is a little more unique. It replaces your existing Hive Hub with a more powerful unit with an intelligent audio sensor. This audio sensor can then alert you to thing happening in your home - for example a smoke alarm going off. 

These new additions to the Hive portfolio will be available in Autumn 2017 and we expect he hear more about them closer to launch.

Writing by Chris Hall.