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(Pocket-lint) - Hive has today announced the addition of connected lighting to the Hive home, adding a major component to its smarthome portfolio. 

Hive started with heating - making perfect sense for a company founded from British Gas - but the addition of Active Light is probably the most important step since its inception. 

Heating and lighting are the most popular smarthome additions and having this all controlled by a single app, moves Hive into the position of being a major player in connected homes in the UK. 

The Hive Active Light starts small, offering conventional bulbs with either screw of bayonet fittings, either as individual bulbs or in packs of three or five. 

The inclusion of a bayonet fitting is key for the UK, where a mixture of light fittings exist through houses of different ages. So far, many of the smart lighting solutions have only offered a screw fitting, which is a more common standard in other markets. With Hive being a British company, it's taking British homes into account. 

The Active Light will work with your existing Hive Hub. That means that if you're an existing Hive user, you can just connect up the bulbs without adding another hub - which you would need for Philips Hue, for example.

Hivehive active light connected bulbs make hive a major smarthome player image 2

The app too is due for an update that will see all your Hive products controlled from one place - so that's your Active Heating, sensors, plugs and the new Active Light. You'll be able to control lights from your phone, including dimming, or scheduling on and off times. 

Currently there only appears to be one bulb style and the omission of a GU10 will mean that those with more modern spot lighting can't yet use the Hive lighting solution, unlike some established rivals that already offer a full range. Additionally, Hive Active Light is white, rather than the full colour spectrum that some competitors will offer you.

Hive Active Lights are available to order now through Hivehome.com, with prices starting at £19 for a bulb.

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Writing by Chris Hall.