Perhaps inspired by the roaring success of the Avengers Assemble movie doing the rounds in cinemas worldwide, British Gas has gathered six of Britain's finest swimming stars to pose as a superhero team on the eve of one of their most glorious challenges yet.

It's a natural fit. After all, swimmers and superheroes share a few traits: they're both revered by an adoring public; they both exhibit superhuman feats of athleticism; and they both walk about in their underwear. Jobs a good'un.

The medal hopefuls who took part in the shoot include swimmer Rebecca Adlington, open water swimmer Keri-anne Payne, diver Tom Daley, water polo captain Fran Leighton, Paralympic swimmer Sascha Kindred and synchronised swimmer Katie Dawkins. A viral video has also been made to show how the montage photo was put together.

British Gas gathered the aquatic team together in order to promote its Free Swims for Britain campaign which runs until 30 August this year. Head over to the dedicated website,, input a few details, including your local pool, and bob's your uncle, a free swim voucher for one adult and up to two children.

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