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(Pocket-lint) - A significant redesign is rolling out to the Google Home app in a new update, making it quicker for users to adjust their smart home devices.

Currently rolling out to iOS users first, it seems, version 2.49 of the Home app will see the long-standing grid of devices replaced by a new view. 

Google says in the release notes that the "updated home view helps you adjust your devices with fewer taps", with the ability to tweak a light's brightness or the volume of a speaker now available in the tab directly.

Previously, this required the user to scroll through their rooms and devices before then tapping through and adjusting.

Devices, then, can now be turned on or off with a tap, with a slide to the left or right representing adjustments and a long press bringing up more controls. Instead of icons for these devices, there are now smaller, rectangle-shaped tiles that are titled by the name of the product.

This takes up less room on the Home tab, too, meaning that you're able to control more of your devices without having to scroll.

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Google notes that the new update will be rolling out to iOS devices over the "next few weeks", though there are currently no clear indications of when the update will be on Android phones. 

As ever with this kind of thing, however, we expect it to release quietly over the same period of time.

After all, a quick scroll through Twitter will see plenty of examples of Android users who have the new layout from the update.

Writing by Conor Allison.