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(Pocket-lint) - A new Google device has appeared in a listing with the FCC with the description of a 'Wireless Streaming Device', an indication that the company is preparing the mystery product for launch.

Typically when upcoming devices pass through the FCC, it's clear what category they fall into. That isn't the case here, though the description does narrow it down to a new Nest Cam - perhaps an updated version of the IQ Indoor or IQ Outdoor - or maybe even a new device altogether. 

The 'Wireless Streaming Device' description isn't something Google has previously given a device, with the filing also featuring the code 'G3AL9' and an FCC ID on the rear that suggests no screen is present. 

Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy and a '3.65Vdc Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery or 5V from AC/DC Adapter is also noted, as well, though this tells us very little. Most cameras naturally come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, but batteries frequently mix between mains power and rechargeable solutions.

In theory, following these descriptions could also fuel speculation that Google is, say, preparing a wireless speaker, and not a camera. 

However, the reason updated Nest Cam models are more viable is that we've already been promised new Google security cameras for 2021.

Add this to the fact that we've already seen the release of the Google Nest Hub, and that Nest Cam devices are long overdue for an update and faced stock issues earlier this year, and all signs seem to be pointing in one direction.

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The FCC confidentiality for the G3AL9 listing ends on 24 September 2021, which suggests that we can expect a full launch for the mystery Google device before then. Only then will we see how well Google manage to hide the identity of its latest gadget.

Writing by Conor Allison.