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(Pocket-lint) - Google has announced a new version of the Nest Hub, replacing the 7-inch smart display that originally launched as the Google Home Hub in 2018.

The new Nest Hub keeps the same format, with a 7-inch display that appears to float on its cloth-covered base which house the device's speakers.

There's a boost to those speakers, with Google reporting a 50 per cent boost in bass, for a richer audio experience, which everyone will appreciate.

But the biggest change is in how Google is positioning this device. It still has no camera, so Google sees this as a bedside device, able to ensure your privacy because there's no camera that might initial a call while you're enjoying a little private time in the bedroom.

GoogleNew Nest Hub features clever sleep tracking to make it the ultimate bedside assistant photo 2

What Google is adding is sleep tracking. That's seen the addition of Google's Soli hardware to the Nest Hub, so that it can use the Motion Sense technology to track your sleep.

Soli uses a type of radar that can detect motion and interpret that. Previously, Google used it for some motion control on the Pixel 4, although that seemed a little silly - offering hands-free gestures on a device that you essentially always operate when you're holding it.

Now Soli will be set to task to detect motion patterns and breathing of the person sleeping closest to the Nest Hub to power the new Sleep Sensing functions.

On top of motion, Nest Hub can also listen out for noises - coughing or snoring - while being able to monitor light conditions and temperature. In that way, it will monitor how you sleep and the conditions you're trying to sleep in.

To protect your privacy, none of this raw data is sent out to Google services, everything happens on the Nest Hub itself.

From this information, Google will present you with a sleep summary - and having learnt your sleeping habits and monitored the quality of your sleep for a couple of days, can make suggestions to improve your sleep.

The bad news is that Google says this service will be a free preview, suggesting there's going to be a charge for it in the future.

Sleep data can also be integrated with Google Fit - and in the future, Google has said it wants to integrate this information with Fitbit.

GoogleNew Nest Hub features clever sleep tracking to make it the ultimate bedside assistant photo 1

Outside of the new sleep tracking, this is a hub for Google Assistant, providing you with music, smart home control, information and a whole lot more. To boost the smart home options, the new Nest Hub gets a Thread radio, meaning it offers another route to connectivity for connected devices.

The new Nest Hub is available for £89.99 and it is available now.


Writing by Chris Hall.