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(Pocket-lint) - Google has a new speaker, replacing the original Google Home with something new - the Nest Audio.

Nest Audio changes its name, dropping Google's Home branding, following recent launches to make Nest devices all about home, be that audio, heating or security, but it's a speaker that's designed to sit in a similar position to the Google Home, rivalling the Amazon Echo.

The new design won't come as a surprise, not only because it leaked heavily before launch - including official teasing by Google itself - but because it matches recent speakers from the company.

The speaker is covered with fabric front and back, sitting some 175mm (6.9in) tall and 124mm (4.9in) wide. What's perhaps surprising is that it's only 78mm (3.1in) deep. That shallower depth means it will take up a little less space on a shelf or window ledge, perhaps in contrast to Amazon's latest spherical Echo, in which the footprint has grown.

GoogleGoogle Nest Audio photo 3

The mesh covering is made from recycled plastic bottles, and 70 per cent of the speaker enclosure uses recycled plastics too, but the only visible part is the rubberised foot. Surprisingly, the Nest Audio is 1.1kg, which is pretty weighty.

Control is via tap areas towards the top the speaker, with a physical mute switch on the back, although, of course, most interaction will be via voice using Google Assistant.

The new speaker is 75 per cent louder than the old Google Home and bass is 50 per cent stronger, with a 75mm (2.9in) woofer and a 19mm (0.7in) tweeter. Google says that it has been through lots of tuning to get "significant" bass, but saying that it's suitable for all genres of music.

To make sure that it sounds perfect all the time, the Nest Audio will feature a Media EQ function that will automatically tune the sound to the media you're listening to, be that podcasts, audiobooks, music or whatever you're listening too.

There's also an Ambient IQ feature that will adjust the volume of things like news, podcasts and audiobooks so you can hear them over the top of noises in the room - like that dishwasher for example.

Powered by Google Assistant - and controlled via the Google Home app on your phone - you'll be able to stereo pair or group the Nest Audio as you can other speakers from Google, as well as bend it to your will through Assistant's skills. That will give you control over connected smart home devices and access to other information.

The Nest Audio is now available for pre-order and will be on shelves from 15 October; it will be priced at £89.99.


Writing by Chris Hall.