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(Pocket-lint) - Google is rolling out an update to its Wi-Fi mesh system products - Nest Wifi and Google Wifi - designed to improve your internet connection.

According to Google, the update will improve network performance on slow internet connections, so "your Wi-Fi will better support multiple video calls, gaming sessions, and more simultaneously". The update also includes security improvements and will "improve device connection speeds on wireless networks and optimisations so your devices move to faster Wi-Fi radio channels".

Lastly, Google said its priority device feature is "getting smarter", allowing Wi-Fi traffic to be prioritised to the device you choose. "This means you can make sure your work laptop is getting the strongest Wi-Fi available, as opposed to the kids’ YouTube session", Google explained in a blog.

Google launched the Nest Wifi in October, a rebranding and relaunch of the Google Wifi mesh system. It's managed in the Google Home app. For those looking to extend the reach of the internet around their home or improve Wi-Fi weak spots, Google's Nest Wifi mesh system is a fantastic option. It not only offers lovely designs but it is incredibly user friendly, simple to setup, and it performs exactly how you would want.

And that's before you consider the excellent integration of the built-in speaker and Google Assistant in the Wifi point, essentially making the point a two-in-one device and a brilliant addition for anyone with existing Google Home devices or looking to start a Google Home system.

But perhaps the best part is it gets updates automatically, with no action required on your end. Google didn't say when its Wi-Fi-bolstering update would roll out, but it indicated soon. With everyone home during lockdown, it likely knows people want smooth, rock-steady connections.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.