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(Pocket-lint) - Google is testing a new Voice Match feature as part of a limited pilot program.

The company told Android Police the feature allows you to use your voice to verify your identity when making a purchase through Google Assistant smart speakers and displays. Currently, it’s restricted to in-app digital purchases in Google Play and restaurant orders.

There are reportedly limits on how much money you can spend. Screenshots shared by Android Police show the setup process:

Google/Android PoliceGooglee Voice Match image 2

Note that Google warns testers "someone with a similar voice or recording may be able to confirm purchases on devices you’re logged into" - which suggests it's not the most secure method. Still, using your voice as a form of biometric authentication could be super convenient.

When you set up Google Assistant on a device, you're asked to use the "OK Google" always-on voice detection feature and to create your own "Voice Match" voice model so that the AI can recognise your voice at any time and serve your needs (whether that be to play music, fetch the weather forecast, or, in this case, to securely make purchases through Google Assitant).

9to5Google reported that Google recently updated Voice Match to identify people with “significantly higher accuracy", as well.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 26 May 2020.