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(Pocket-lint) - Google is rolling out a new feature to its Nest users that can detect and inform when it spots irregular heating and cooling patterns, as well as which piece of hardware is probably at fault and needs addressing. 

Its HVAC alerts will let you know if the house is taking too long to heat up or cool down. Or more specifically: longer than your usual pattern which it has learned over time. 

The email, when sent, will tell you what the thermostat has noticed and which system is more than likely affected. Whether that be your heating system/furnace or your air conditioning. 

Google states that its alerts system isn't there to replace the diagnosis of a qualified professional. After all, its thermostats can't detect which component within a furnace or boiler is faulty. All it can do is measure heating and cooling patterns. 

To switch it on, all you need to do is open the Nest app, go to Settings > Notifications > Nest Home Report and toggle on the slider. 

In some regions, there will also be HVAC Pro assistance, which means Nest can help you find and book a qualified engineer to come and look at your system. 

On a feature level, this is getting closer to the smart capabilities offered by the Tado system. Except, Tado's unit can communicate directly with boilers and automatically book in engineers when it spots a fault with the system. 

For example, it can detect when there's low water pressure, a pump failure or a valve defect within your system and help you book in a certified installer. 

It's a welcome move from Nest however, and one that could help you identify issues with your AC or furnace before they get really bad. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.