(Pocket-lint) - A Google app teardown has revealed a new feature possibly coming to Google's AI-based assistant.

The Google app 7.20 APK has coding that suggests custom hotwords and the ability to choose a primary and secondary language for Google Assistant are on the way, an analysis by 9to5Google has revealed. Custom hotwords would allow you to create your own version of the existing “OK Google” and “Hey Google” hotwords. Currently, you can only use those two as well as "Hey Boo Boo".

That last hotword is little-known and was only recently noticed by Pocket-lint while we were compiling a lengthy list of hidden Google Assistant commands, which you can read all about from here. Anyway, 9to5Google has reported that the Google app now indicates users will soon be able to also set a secondary language in order to allow Assistant to respond to queries in two languages.

These features have been in demand for quite some time, considering AI-based assistants have become increasingly popular and there is no shortage of competition. We think a custom hotword would be a much more natural experience, and it would give Amazon Alexa a run for her money. Obviously, there is a chance that these features won’t end up in the final Google app, though.

But, hey, here's to wishful thinking!

Writing by Elyse Betters.