Google is keeping the Christmas deals going until 2018. Not only is the company offering movie rentals from 99p, it's also carrying on the device discounts too. 

The Google Home smart speaker is currently discounted to £89 (or $79) from the original price £129 and the Google Home Mini is an affordable £34 (or $29).

These discounts on Google Home devices brings the price in line with Amazon's new second-gen Echo, while the new Google Home Mini drops to the same price as the Echo Dot

These deals appear to be limited to Google's own store, where you can get your hands on a cheaper Google Home or Google Home Mini with free shipping until midnight on 31 December. 

With Google Home normally costing £129, the price drop is a veritable bargain: if you've been waiting to get your home Google connected, then now is the time to buy.

The new Google Home Mini has only been out a few months and brings a smaller way to add Google Assistant to your home, ideal for a second room. With the current price, it's almost rude not to buy one. You could even push the boat out and buy two. There are plenty of reasons to do so.