Just days after Amazon announced the Echo Show would be available in more countries worldwide, 9to5Google has received a couple of anonymous tips that say Google is planning its very own competitor device.

The device, which is currently codenamed Manhattan, will feature a 7-inch display, just like the Echo Show, but will offer access to a wide range of Google services, including Assistant, Photos and YouTube, along with Netflix.

It will also be able to control various smart home devices, including those made by Nest. Google has recently pulled support for YouTube on the Echo Show, so that's certainly a small piece of evidence to suggest

Google would rather exclusively support it on its own device.
9to5Google's sources also said that Google was allegedly planning two other devices with larger screens that would compete with TVs, but these plans have been shelved in favour of the 7-inch device instead.

Google's new device is also said to be under "tremendous pressure" to launch this year, presumably to prevent Amazon getting such a big head start with the Echo Show, and in time for Christmas. However it's said to be suffering from its fair share of teething problems with regards to planning and configuration

Finally, the anonymous sources said Google is eyeing up partnerships with Geek Squad and Enjoy, which are both US companies that are involved in the delivery and setup of electronic devices.

There's no more information surrounding the Manhattan right now, but now it's possible existence has leaked out, it may not be long until we see more details.