Neato has announced its most connected robot vacuum cleaner yet at consumer electronics show IFA in the form of the D7 Connected.

The new metallic-finished model joins the D3 Connected and D5 Connected that launched at the show last year, along with the Botvac Connected model from 2015.

The D7 Connected brings with it the same D-shape the company's robot cleaners are known for but it adds advanced mapping and cleaning technology, as well as IFTTTT integration.

Neato's FloorPlanner Advanced Mapping and Cleaning Technology allows users of the D7 Connected to create what Neato is calling a Cleaning Map of their home. The robot cleaner will scan the home when in Discovery Mode or in the normal cleaning mode, after which it will create a personalised MyFloorPlan.

Users will then be able to access their MyFloorPlan in the Neato app to set virtual "No-Go" lines in order to tell the robot to avoid specific areas, such as cat food bowls or stairs. Previously, users would have had to use physical barriers, in Neato's case black strips that came included in the box, in order to get the robot to avoid these areas.

In addition to the new mapping and cleaning technology, Neato has said the D7 Connected will also feature robust suction, an ultra-performance filter, turbo mode and an improved brush system.

The Neato D7 Connected will launch with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT compatibility and it will be updateable over the air for the latest software features. The next-generation of Neato App will also launch alongside the new model.

The Neato D7 Connected will cost £799/$799/€899 and be available in the US and Europe in Q4 of 2017.