Google Home now serves up numerous guided recipe instructions.

Anyone who owns a voice-activated smart speaker, including Amazon Echo, knows it's perfect for the kitchen. Don't know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Ask your speaker. Want to set a timer? Ask your speaker. Want to cook a pizza? Ask your speaker for a recipe. Unfortunately, Google Home's assistant had trouble with that last bit. While Alexa could tap into Allrecipe to serve up 60,000 recipes, Google Assistant was more limited in what it could do.

Until now. Google has expanded the number of recipes available on Google Assistant by adding step-by-step instructions for “more than 5 million” meals. All you have to do is say “OK Google, let's make a chocolate cake.” Or, you can say “Send to Google Home" so that you can view the recipe using the Google Search app on iOS and Android. Either way, Google Assistant on Google Home will walk you through the recipe when it hears relevant commands.

Say “OK Google, start cooking" to get a break down, and you can say “OK Google, repeat” to hear the last step once more. You can even say “Ok=K Google, what’s step three?” While Google Home could access a few recipes before, this latest update is a dramatic expansion that pulls from several big publishers, including “Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network, and more", Google explained.

Google said this update will roll out over the coming weeks.