Google Home is about to get a lot more useful for the entire family.

A new update to the Google Home app is alerting people that “multiple users are now supported”. Except, the message appears to be popping up by accident, because the functionality isn’t yet available, and Google hasn't yet confirmed support is coming. You can see the message in the app’s Discover tab, which tells users that everyone in their house can now get a "personalised experience" from Google Home.

One of the annoying things about most smart speakers is that they primarily work with a single account. All the services and integrations are tied to one person, which is cumbersome when you consider smart speakers sit in the house and are frequently used by everyone who is coming and going. Multi-user functionality is clearly needed for users who want to access their own email, music, and preferences.

Last month, Android Police first noticed clues in the Google Home app that suggested Google is about to add multi-user support. The code also had references to a device being able to recognise your voice. That means Google’s devices may one day identify who’s speaking, rather than require users to manually switch accounts. Time recently claimed Amazon is working on letting Alexa distinguish voices as well.

We’ve contacted Google about this change to the Home app and will update if and when we hear more. We'll probably learn all about the feature at Google I/O in May.

The Verge/Google