What would make Google Home better?

This is a question Google has been apparently asking itself, especially since the market is currently exploding with Alexa-powered devices from not only Amazon but just about every other third-party manufacturer out there. And, according to The Information, which talked with an unnamed source, Google has come up with a possible solution: turn Google Home into a mesh Wi-Fi router.

In other words, it wants to take Google Wifi and chuck it inside of Google Home, allowing the speaker to not only to play music and answer your questions like normal but also connect to devices around your household and boost coverage in weak spots, such as the basement. The source specifically claimed that the next Google Home model may feature a built-in Wi-Fi with mesh networking.

The source also mentioned that the original version of Google Wifi - Google's existing Wi-Fi system with mesh networking - had a microphone and a speaker so that it could double as a Google Home or at least offer Home-like interactions, but the company ultimately nixed that prototype because it didn't want to confuse consumers. Now, however, it's considering that again as a way to one-up Amazon Echo.

There's no word on a launch date or pricing, but we imagine the company will want to stay between the $120 cost of Google Home and the $180 cost of the full-sized Amazon Echo. However, one Google Wifi unit costs $129, so the combined price of Google Home and Google Wifi is about $250, which may be a little too high-end for people looking to equip their homes with smart speakers.