(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated its Wi-Fi router so that you can annoy your kids.

"Wi-Fi at home helps with special everyday moments," Google announced on Monday. "But as we all know, sometimes these moments can turn into hours spent watching videos or browsing photos. That’s why we built Scheduled Pause, a new feature in Google Wifi".

Scheduled Pause basically lets you pause the internet in your house, as long as you're using Google Wifi as your router. With the new feature, you can automatically disrupt the Wi-Fi for everyday events like bedtime or homework so that your kids can better focus, Google contends. But, in reality, we think you'll just end up upsetting your children who are itching to get online. Still, Google thinks this feature is a great tool for families.

The company noticed that people have trouble falling asleep at night because they check emails and surf the web late into the night. And many people, in and outside of Google, have told the company that they find screen time is a particularly common challenge for parents -- "from getting kids to put down their favourite game to struggling to have dinner without eyes glued to devices."


Now, using the Google Wifi app, parents can tell their Google Wifi to shut down at a specific time in their daily schedule. When the time arrives, their router will pause the internet for specific devices, allowing parents and their devices to still get online while their kids stomp away and pout in the other room.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.