Google is testing a smart thermostat that enables users to keep track of their energy use, according to The Information.

The thermostat, reportedly called EnergySense, allows users to view data and make smart energy use changes accordingly. Even with its in-house hardware team at Motorola, Google is said to have linked with company Ecobee to make the hardware for the project, with Google providing the software.

(Update: EvLeaks has released a screenshot of the EnergySense Android app.)

google reportedly testing energysense nest like thermostats update screenshot  image 2

Google had originally started a similar energy program in 2011 under PowerMeter branding, until it was killed off. Now, the project is back, and Google is even testing it in markets including St Louis, according to The Information.

Google's smart thermostat project follows the Nest, a smart thermostat that has seen a bit of success in the US. It is controlled via spinning and clicking of its control wheel, which brings up option menus for switching from heating to cooling, access to device settings, energy history, and scheduling.

It's not clear when Google plans to release EnergySense, if ever. Perhaps it's just another one of Google's nifty projects behind closed doors.