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(Pocket-lint) - Eve Systems has doubled down on its commitment to Thread - a mesh networking system for smart homes - with the new Eve Energy and Eve Aqua supporting the standard, as well as launching a new Eve Weather.

Thread is designed to create a mesh network between devices, so they can communicate without the need for a hub connected to a router. Much like Zigbee, it can ensure the communication between devices, with each device playing its part to extend the range of the system and keep it running, even if one device stops communicating or is removed.

Eve Systems has made quite the commitment to Thread, with a number of devices supporting the protocol, while sticking to supporting HomeKit. With the Apple HomePod Mini offering Thread support too, it's positioning itself as a smart home hub for systems like those offered by Eve.

The new Eve Weather offers a big display to let you know external temperature, humidity and barometric pressure so you can see via the device or on the iOS app, exactly what's going on. It will be available from 25 March, for £64.95 and it replaces the Eve Degree.

Eve Energy is the smart plug, but the new version - available from 6 April (US) or May (UK) - will offer Thread. That will mean that just a couple of Eve Energy plugs in your home will help connect up all your Thread-compatible devices. It will cost £34.95.

There's also going to be a firmware update for Eve Aqua (second-gen), again to add thread connectivity to the mix. Eve Aqua is designed control your garden tap, and the addition of Thread will allow for remote control when you're out of the house - so you can turn on the sprinklers while you are away.


The update is expected in early April.

In the past HomeKit devices - like those that Eve Systems offers - have relied on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for connection to a hub device - like the HomePod or Apple TV. It meant that all devices needed to be in range of that hub to work, which could bring limitations.

With Thread, however, those HomeKit devices now talk to each other, meaning you can extend the range. The Eve Aqua outside can connect to the Eve Energy in your garage, which connects to your HomePod, meaning the Aqua doesn't have to attempt to connect over such a long range.

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That should lead to a happier smart home, without connectivity worries.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 5 March 2021.