Eve Degree is one of the most stylish smart home gadgets you'll ever come across. Tiny and elegant, it is discreet enough to go unnoticed, but chic enough to draw compliments when it is spotted.

Its monochrome LCD screen is clear and easily readable, but designed so that it doesn't drain the battery fast. The Eve Degree, by the way, uses a CR2450 watch battery, so there's no worry about needing to recharge it and the cell lasts for months. Around the screen is an anodised aluminium body with shiny, delicately chamfered edges. All this in a box that's little more than 5cm square and 1.5cm deep.

So what does it do, exactly?

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Quite a lot, actually. First of all, it's a temperature and humidity monitor. It displays the temperature on screen unless you press the button on the back of the unit which then toggles the display to show the humidity.

Both these measurements are important, in lots of ways. If your children are coughing, for instance, it may be the temperature or humidity that are to blame. Because Eve Degree saves data in clear, attractive graphs you can read on your iPhone or iPad, for example, in the Eve app. Here, you can see if a change in one of these metrics coincided with the kids' starting to splutter. If so, then you can adjust the room's conditions accordingly.

It's not just our health that it can help with, though it's just one of several Eve products that have your well-being in their sights. Put the Eve Degree in your wine cellar to keep a close eye on the temperature your precious bottles are enjoying.

If your houseplants are sagging or the soil drying out, the humidity or temperature readings may explain why.

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What's more, because the Eve Degree is wireless, it doesn't even need to be in the house. You could put the little weather station in the greenhouse and monitor the conditions there from the comfort of your living room sofa, reading the figures on your iPhone. Or just say, "Hey, Siri, what's the humidity in the greenhouse?" to a HomePod and it can speak the answer to you.

In fact, the Eve Degree is water-resistant, so it can sit on your balcony or the end of the garden. Then, you can say, "Hey, Siri, what's the temperature in the garden?" so you'll know whether you need a coat or not before you venture outdoors.

Like some other Eve products, it uses Bluetooth low energy to communicate with your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, for instance.

There's more. You can create Automations in the Eve app, so that if the temperature goes above a set figure, the living room fan bursts into life, because it's connected to an Eve Energy smart plug, say.

It also measures air pressure, so looking at the graph you can roughly guess if the weather is about to change at any time.