(Pocket-lint) - Elgato announced five new HomeKit-compatible products at consumer electronics show IFA 2017 at the beginning of September including the Eve Thermo, Eve Lock, Eve Smoke, Eve Window Guard and Eve Aqua.

The five devices cover security, heating, home safety and the garden and they will be available this year, starting with the Eve Thermo in September. Here are the five products, what they can do and what they look like in the flesh.

Eve Thermo

The Eve Thermo is an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve that is HomeKit-enabled without requiring a bridge or hub. It sports a white-translucent LCD display and capacitive touch control but it can also be controlled via the Eve app for iPhone and iPad, as well as through Siri.


Its feature set includes location control, switching the temperature down when all users have left the house, for example. Alternatively, you can connect it with other Eve products to respond to actions, such as when an Eve door or window sensor has been activated.

Eve Lock

The Eve Lock is an automatic locking system that ensures all bolts and latches are secured as soon as the door is shut. There is a fingerprint sensor positioned above the keypad, allowing for unlocking and a separate fob is available too, or you can just ask Siri to unlock the door for you if your hands are full for example.


You can even use HomeKit or the Eve app to unlock the door for a visitor when you're not at home, or monitor your door. The keypad element of Eve Lock goes on the outside of your door, while the other element goes on the inside of your door. Eve Lock is powered by an internal battery and uses Bluetooth.

Eve Smoke

Eve Smoke in a smart smoke detector, with HomeKit notifications and settings available. It has a battery lifetime of 10 years. In the case of a fire, Eve Smoke will set off a loud, pulsating tone, as well as HomeKit notifications and scenes.


It is able to monitor the rooms in your home, along with its own health and you cam use Siri, Apple Home or the Eve app to check Eve Smoke's state or access its settings. Like Elgato Lock, Eve Smoke uses Bluetooth technology.

Eve Window Guard

Eve Window Guard sense tamper force on a window and detects whether it is open, closed or tilted. It can be set to send HomeKit alerts and other actions when it senses activity.


The sensor is designed to slot into your window frame completely out of sight and it uses Bluetooth technology like the rest of the Elgato Eve devices.

Eve Aqua

Eve Aqua is a smart, battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled controller for a garden water source. You can therefore set sprinklers or hose usage with custom schedules or via your smartphone - even with Siri-enabled voice control.


Eve Aqua will also track your watering activity, offering you insight to better cater to your garden's needs.

The Eve Thermo will be available from 26 September, priced at £59.95 for each valve. The other new Eve products will follow, with release dates and pricing revealed "at a later date".

Writing by Britta O'Boyle and Rik Henderson.