(Pocket-lint) - The Eve Light Switch (USA & Canada only) is the world’s first light switch with HomeKit technology built in allowing you to do much more than just any old regular light switch.

Here are five reasons you should upgrade your light switches in your house today.

1. Always on

Eve Light Switch replaces a single pole switch, and enables you to use the Eve app or Siri to control your existing chandeliers, built-in lights, ceiling lamps, ceiling fans, and more even if the light has been switched off at the wall. That means unlike other "smart" bulbs you'll always be able to turn it on even if the switch on the wall has been turned off. 

2. No need to upgrade your bulbs

The Eve Light Switch is the intelligent bit, not the bulbs in the light sockets in the room. That means you don't need to replace every light in your house, but merely the light switches in the rooms you want to control. And because the Eve Light Switch features a capacitive touch sensor to let you manually turn a light on or off, even family members and guests without an iOS device are able to operate your lights.


3. Set timers and automations

Eve Light Switch transforms any existing single or multi-bulb setup into an intelligent lighting system. HomeKit enabled means that you can not only control the lights connected via your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, but also have them automated based on set actions like walking into a room, or when you get within a certain distance to your house. You can create scenes to control Eve Light Switch and other HomeKit-enabled accessories with a single command, or set timers and have them work on their own.

4. Control yours lights from your phone

Like other Eve accessories, Eve Light Switch connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth low energy technology, without the need for a hub, gateway bridge, or and without disturbing your already crowded WiFi network.

If you have an Apple TV 4 connected to your home wireless network, you can also control your lights even away from your home.

5. Group light switches

If you have Eve Light Switch in multiple rooms you can group them in the Eve app and say one sentence to control all your lights via Siri, without lifting a finger or roaming your home.

Buy Eve Light Switch for US $49.95 / CA $69.95 at Elgato’s Online Store, Amazon US and Amazon Canada.