Dyson could be about to launch a bladeless desk fan to keep you cool based on technology it has previously used in its hand driers and vacuum cleaners.

The details of a new patent and trademark have been filed for a "Dyson Air Multiplier" that suggests a new range of personal cooling products are on their way.

According to a forum post on a vacuum cleaner site (exciting, we know) the patent describes:

"A bladeless fan assembly (100) comprising a nozzle (1) mounted on a base (16) housing means for creating an air flow through the nozzle (1)".

"The fan provides an arrangement producing an air current and a flow of cooling air created without requiring a bladed fan - i.e. air flow is created by a bladeless fan".

"These arrangements create a fan assembly with a compact structure."

Why would you want a bladeless fan? It's all about noise and cost according to the forum post.

"We file hundreds of patents every year to protect our ideas. Some make it, some don't", a Dyson spokesperson told us.