Dyson has got in touch with Pocket-lint to rubbish some Electrolux claims made when the company launched its "Ultra Silencer" vacuum cleaner recently.

Firstly, Dyson has issues with the Electrolux claim that their machine is the first to be made out of recycled plastic.

Dyson apparently released a machine in 1998, the "Recylone", which was made from reprocessed and remoulded plastics.

In response to the Ultra Silencer's green claims, Dyson suggests that the true test of an appliance's green credentials is how much electricity it consumes, something the EU is currently looking to legislate on.

The Ultra Silencer has a 1250W motor. Dyson compares this to its DC24 Dyson Ball with a 650W motor, that in a recent Which? report was said to perform as well as a machine with a motor twice the size.

In fact James Dyson himself says: "Bigger motors don't equal better performance. In fact they symbolise outmoded ineffective design. People want energy efficient technology that works, not a token green gesture".

"Breakthrough technology takes time to develop. Our engineers have spent a decade developing highly efficient digital motors. Half the size and twice as powerful, unlike conventional electric motors, they have no brushes and do not emit carbon dust".

Apparently Dyson has no issues with the quietness claims.