Dyson is launching a new range of compact cleaners, the Dyson Baby and Dyson Ball, that the company says maintain the all-round performance of full-size Dyson machines.

The reasoning behind this shrinkage is that the UK has more, smaller households than ever before with the smallest houses per square metre than the rest of Europe.

The DC24 Dyson Ball is a small, slim, lightweight upright that sits on a ball making it lighter and even easier to steer. The DC24 compresses by one-third of its height when it's not in use so it's easy to store.

The DC22 Dyson Baby is a compact cylinder, one-third smaller than other Dyson cylinders. Its telescopic wand packs down and its hose wraps neatly around its body for tidy storage.

Both of the bagless cleaners will be available from 1st March, with seemingly full-size pricing of from £239.99.