(Pocket-lint) - It appears that Dyson's new Airblade we reported on at the beginning of the week isn't as new and imaginative as we first thought.

It turns out that Mitsubishi, created a High-Speed Air Hand Dryer that promised to dry your hands in 6-8 seconds over a decade ago.

Called the Jet Towel, the dryer works in a virtually identical way to removes water from the front and back of freshly-washed hands.

A U-shaped drying port at the top of the unit with front and rear horizontal air jets forces water from the front and back of both hands simultaneously. As hands are slowly pulled out of the top of the unit, water is quickly and efficiently blown away. The sanitary design (with antibacterial-treated surfaces) eliminates water spray on the floor and prevents floor debris from circulating throughout a room.

Available in Japan for almost a decade, the Jet Towel according to its makers has a proven track record of reliability and widespread acceptance.

The airblade, launched on Tuesday, will cost £540 plus VAT and is aimed at the pubs, hospitals and anywhere that has a public toilet.

The first units are going into Moto service stations today and following a mock vandalism at the launch capable of withstanding the odd knock or two.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.