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(Pocket-lint) - Five years in the making, Dyson has just revealed the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool in the UK - its first fan that also purifies the air and humidifies it, too. The three-in-one machine is designed to be used year-round to tackle dry, dirty air and maintain a comfortable environment inside your home.

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The launch comes at a time when most of us are spending a lot of time indoors where we're exposed to a lot of impurities (Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs) in household cleaners and gas cookers as well as air fresheners and even scented candles. New goods such as floors and soft furnishings can also give off VOCs over a long period of time. 

We spoke to George Oram, design manager of environmental care at Dyson, who showed us how the machine worked and gave us an insight into his work on the machine to kill bacteria. Silver woven into the fabric inside the 3D Air-mesh evaporator helps prevent any bacteria from growing in the first place, although the whole unit can be cleaned on a special cycle since the whole evaporator fits inside the water tank.

In case you don't know, silver is often used in healthcare for its biostatic properties.

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Once treated, the water is picked up by the evaporator. From the evaporator, purified airflow is hygienically humidified by the water vapour released from the evaporator and multi-directionally projected through the Air Amplifier into the room. 

It's the first Dyson Pure unit to use a jet at each side of the air amplifier which provide cooling, oscillation or diffused or a new breeze mode. This new mode is based on over 40 million data points of a real breeze at Dyson's Malmesbury, Wiltshire Research and Development campus and is designed to bring that refreshing breeze feeling indoors.

The Pure Humidify+Cool uses ultraviolet light and specially machined and reflective PTFE tube to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in the water tank at the bottom. Dyson microbiologists have spent several years on the project, ensuring that the machine stays clean while in use and exploring optimum exposure of bacteria to the UV-C light in order for it to be denatured.

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"People are often surprised that at Dyson we have a team of highly skilled microbiologists and an array of high-tech biochemistry labs, to properly research the problems we want to solve," said Charlie Park, global category director for environmental care at Dyson. 

Dyson says the Pure Humidify+Cool has been tested in rooms up to 27 metres squared in size, over double the industry standard test. So it'll cope well with most home environments. 


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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 2 April 2020.