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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson has announced the launch of a range of new Purifiers for those who like to know the air they are breathing is as clean as it can be given that many spend up to 90 per cent of their day indoors, according to a recent World Health Organization report.

The new purifiers, which will come in both desk and stand-alone options, will feature an LCD screen that shows which pollutants are in the air at any given time in real-time. 

Having shown you what you are breathing, the machines will then capture any pollutants using a 360 degree fully-sealed filter system combining an activated carbon filter to remove gases, and a Glass HEPA filter that captures 99.95 per cent of microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.

The machine can project 290 litres of purified air per second to every corner of the room, which should be enough for most homes.

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DysonNew Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fans Promise Cleaner Air For Those That Like To Stay Indoors image 2

Capable of doubling up as a fan in the summer, the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan features a unique new diffused airflow mode. Along with the forward airflow mode, which cools you as a fan with purified air, there is now a diffused airflow or purification-only mode, which can be used when you want to purify the air but don't want cool air blowing on you.

Like previous purifiers from the company, the new models will work with the company's Dyson Link app on both iOS and Android.

The app enables you to track indoor and outdoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels, as well as checking the filter. You will be to control it via Alexa. Furthermore you can control it when you are away from home. 

The Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans are priced from £399.99 and are available to pre-order through Dyson.co.uk from 6 March. Machines will be available from 26 March.

Writing by Stuart Miles.